Respond to the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 and Ox-Cam Arc consultation

Respond to the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 and Ox-Cam Arc consultation

Two important consultations are taking place right now that will significantly affect Oxfordshire’s ability to respond to the climate crisis. It is important that as many people as possible respond to the consultations and put the case for climate.

The first, for the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, closes on Friday 8 October 2021. We are pleased to support the consultation responses by Oxford Friends of the Earth and the Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel. You can use their responses to inform your own and we urge you to do so.

The second, for the Ox-Cam Arc, closes on Tuesday 12 October 2021. Friends of the Earth have suggestions on how to respond to this too (it’s the same page as for the Oxfordshire Plan, scroll down to the bottom).

Bothered about climate change? Come to one of our warm and friendly climate cafés

Climate Cafés provide a supportive space in which to talk about how the climate crisis is affecting us – without pressure to act. The cafes run monthly on Sundays, 16.00 to 17.30, and are facilitated by Karen Dauncey and Rebecca Nestor. Climate cafés are not drop-in events, and we limit numbers to 12, so please try to arrive in time for the 16.00 start (though we won’t turn you away if you’re a few minutes late and there are still spaces!).

Thanks to the hospitality of Summertown café/restaurant El Rincón Thirty Eight, we are beginning our in-person climate cafés again from Sunday 17 October. Climate cafés are warm, welcoming spaces, with facilitators, where people who are concerned about the climate crisis can meet in small groups and share their thoughts and feelings about climate and related issues. We’re delighted to be partnering with El Rincón for our climate cafés and hope to see you there.

We think our Climate Cafés offer something different from the usual gatherings of people with interests in climate change. They are facilitated – so you can be sure that there will be space for you to speak. They are not designed to recruit you to do anything or to put you under any pressure. The idea behind them is that talking about climate change is really important – but it is often made more difficult by our feelings of guilt that we are not doing enough, or frustration that others are not doing enough. So we provide a space in which we don’t talk about what we or others are doing or should be doing. We just talk about climate change and how it is making us think and feel. Everyone is welcome, though we don’t advise young children attending. There’s no charge. We provide the cake and we invite you to buy your own hot drink.

Read more about climate cafés in the Guardian or in Rebecca Nestor’s blog post.

Upcoming climate cafés: 16.00-17.30 on Sundays 17 October, 14 November, 12 December, 23 January, 13 February, 13 March, 10 April, 15 May, 12 June, 10 July.


To be held on Tuesday 15 September 2020 – online

To join by Zoom for the panel discussion and AGM only, please see the recent email to members with the Zoom link, or email us to request the Zoom link. To attend the whole event, including the film, panel discussion and AGM, please book via Eventbrite. If you are an LCON member but cannot attend, please complete the proxy form.

Programme for the evening:

19.00-20.30 Public meeting with guest speakers and discussion. The film 2040 will be screened in advance and form the basis of the discussion.

20.30 Annual General Meeting – all welcome, members can vote. Please see agenda below.

21.00 Close

Full details of the whole evening, including the film, and how to register are on Eventbrite here.


  1. Attendance and apologies
  2. Approval of minutes from AGM 3 July 2019
  3. Trustees’ Report

A report on our activities will be presented by the trustees and there will an opportunity for questions. The meeting will be invited to accept the report. The trustees’ report and the accounts (combined) can be viewed here, and a summary will be available on screen at the meeting.

4. Financial Report

The Treasurer will present the accounts for 2019 and take questions. As above, the document can be seen here, and a summary will be on screen at the meeting. The meeting will be invited to accept the accounts.

5. Preparation of statutory accounts for 2020

The trustees propose, as last year, the appointment of Tom Futter as an independent person to prepare the statutory accounts for 2020, without an audit or Independent Examination. (Under charity and company regulations, LCON would be required to arrange an audit if its income was above £1m or if 10% of the members wanted one. The threshold for an Independent Examination is an income of £25,000.)

6. Retirement and Election of Trustees

LCON’s Board can have a maximum of 10 trustees: up to 7 elected by the members and 3 appointed by the board. Our Articles require one third of the elected trustees to retire each year by rotation. There are currently 4 elected trustees. We have determined that Tina Leonard is due to retire by rotation. Tina is willing to be re-elected. 

Carey Newson was co-opted onto the board during the year and is willing to be put forward for election. 

Nominations have been sought to fill vacancies. The trustees are also able to recruit another 2 trustees by appointment and have authority to co-opt trustees between AGMs.

7. Any other business

8. Close of meeting: 21.00

Calls for poems by XR

Calling all activist poets! Extinction Rebellion Oxford will publish an anthology of poems (planned for the autumn) from people rising up to demand urgent action by local and national governments to halt the deterioration of our planet before it is too late.  Please send your own poems about the climate emergency, the urgent need for radical measures across the world, and the transnational campaigns to put them in place, to: by 15 September 2019.

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We’re still recruiting

LCON has an opportunity available for a talented freelance contractor. The deadline is 28 May 2019, with interviews to be held in the week beginning 3 June. We’ve extended the deadline from the earlier April date to enable us to find the best possible candidate for this important piece of work.

Project manager for the Healthy Streets and Active Travel Low Carbon Hub Community Grants Fund

Do you want to be involved with tackling air pollution in Oxford and making it a healthier, more attractive city to travel in? On behalf of a coalition of community groups, Low Carbon Oxford North is looking for an enthusiastic, capable project manager to help us deliver five, funded activities, starting as soon as possible.  The time commitment is approximately 4 hours a week for nine months but is very flexible. The description of the work and how to apply are available here.

Get Finance out of Fossil Fuels – Monday 17th public meeting

Monday, 17th Sep at 7pm — The Threshold, St Michael & All Angels Church, Lonsdale Road, OX2 7ES

Sarah Rowe, Campaigns Office for Christian Aid will give an illustrated talk entitled: “Fossil Fuel and Climate Justice. What part do the Banks Play”. The talk, which will review their work in the Big Shift Campaign with four major banks during the last year and their follow on work with HSBC, will be followed by discussion.