Home energy

Work on energy is central to our aims. To avoid the worst impacts of climate change we need to change how we use and produce energy. And with energy costs rising steeply, cutting energy use is a growing need for us all.

Housewarming Programme

Our Housewarming Programme aims to prepare our homes to meet net zero targets, phase out fossil fuels and cut down energy use. It brings homeowners together to help navigate this overwhelming amount of information; build greater understanding of the options available; and look to identify the right steps for each home. Find out more here.

Energy Saving Homes

This September, Energy Saving Homes is back in partnership with Oxford Preservation Trust: visit an Energy Saving Home during the much-loved annual Oxford Open Doors on 14 and 15 September.

Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford launched Energy Saving Homes in 2022 – a series of initiatives to help householders save energy and money, and make their homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer:

  • As part of 2022’s Great Big Green Week, Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford released Energy Saving bite-size films, a series of 2-4 minute films. Funded by the Low Carbon Hub and Oxford City Council, the films are all about how to save energy in your home – with examples from real people. 
  • You can also see recorded expert talks from the 2022 Energy Saving Fair on our YouTube channel – covering a range of topics from low cost energy saving to heat pumps. Speakers include Brenda Boardman and Jane Grindey from LCON, Mim Saxl from Low Carbon West Oxford, Sow Space, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire, Corrie Energy.

Energy saving measures

LCON has always focused on improving domestic energy efficiency, key to lowering our carbon footprint. For practical ideas and suggestions, visit our our page on taking energy saving measures

Affordable Warmth

Many people have trouble paying their fuel bills or are cold at home. For more information on affordable warmth, fuel poverty and where to get advice, visit our page on affordable warmth and fuel poverty.

And for more general suggestions on how to save energy, visit our page on taking energy saving measures.

Buying clean energy – the Oxford Big Clean Switch

In 2018 LCON, along with other Oxford organisations, set up the Oxford Big Clean Switch, to encourage more people across Oxfordshire to buy their electricity from companies that offer 100% renewable electricity tariffs. You can find out more here, including information on cost savings, how it works and the sources of electricity. Most people in Oxfordshire who have switched suppliers have saved over £200 a year.

If you’re ready to switch you can go to straight to the Oxford Big Clean Switch.

Renewable Energy

While LCON’s focus has been on energy in the home, our sister organisation ONCORE (Oxford North Community Renewables) was set up in 2011 to promote community energy in North Oxford. ONCORE raised community investment to fund solar panels on the roofs of the Cherwell School and St Barnabas schools. These installations generate some income for LCON as well as providing a return for investors and cheaper electricity for the schools.  In 2017 ownership of the solar installations was transferred to the Low Carbon Hub, to ensure ongoing management and maintenance as part of the Low Carbon Hub’s portfolio of over 40 renewable energy projects. Some members of ONCORE’s board then set up a new sub-committee of LCON, O2, which carried out a number of activities to raise awareness of air pollution and paved the way for LCON’s work on healthy streets and active travel.

Of course emissions from energy are not just about how we generate electricity and heat our homes and workplaces – they are also about how we travel, and how we produce and consume goods and food. Find out more on our Transport and Food pages.

Community-funded solar panels at St Barnabas School.