What is Housewarming?

Our Housewarming Programme aims to help homeowners prepare their homes to meet net zero targets, phase out fossil fuels and cut down energy use. It brings homeowners together, in a supportive environment, to help navigate the overwhelming amount of information; build greater understanding of the options available; and look to identify the right steps for each home. 

What does it cover?

LCON has produced a series of six Housewarming Guides to support people who want to improve their homes. These guides, prepared by independent experts, walk through the options, considering key questions for each stage of any plans to ensure they will work for you and your home.  

Alongside the Guides, we are also setting up an engagement and support network with local residents to facilitate mentoring, best practice sharing and regular informal support and encouragement. Express interest in the network.

Housewarming Guides

Our six Housewarming Guides cover the following topics:

H1: Taking Stock

This guide provides techniques and approaches to help you identify your homes current status, including thermal images and what they tell you, Energy Performance Certificates and air tightness v air quality.

H2: Insulation

What are the options for insulation – roof, internal and external walls, floors?  How do different materials compare in effectiveness, environmental credentials and potential cost?

H3: Windows and Doors

What is the difference between double and triple glazing? Will secondary glazing do? What’s a whole window U-value?

H4: Draughts and Ventilation

What is a mechanical ventilation scheme and how does air stay healthy? Which draught proofing works best in different applications?

H5: Heating and Controls

What is needed for air source and ground source heat pumps to work effectively and efficiently? What size of pump is needed and how can this be reduced?

H6: Whole House Plan

Whole house surveys, planning a renovation including timings and priorities.

How to get involved

If you would like to find out more, please email Rebecca:

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