Energy Saving Homes bite-size films launched!

We were delighted to see the launch of Energy Saving Homes bite-size films last Tuesday, as part of Great Big Green Week. Many thanks to all those who came.

The bite-size films are a series of 2-4 minute films made by Energy Saving Homes, a project of Communities for a Zero Carbon Oxford. Funded by the Low Carbon Hub and Oxford City Council, the films are all about how to save energy in your home – with examples from real people.

The films cover the following topics: Film 1. Low-cost energy saving measures from Oxford residents that cost less than £10. 
Film 2. Insulating your walls, loft and floor 
Film 3. Air source heat pumps 
Film 4. Solar panels and storage 
Film 5. Double or triple glazing and ventilation
Film 6. Help with finance 
Film 7. Opportunities for contractors

You can access all the films here