LCON:O2 is a sub-committee of LCON.

The specific aims of LCON:O2 are:

  • To reduce carbon emissions through the deployment of renewable energy
  • To engage in public activities and events in North Oxford
  • To disseminate information on our projects
  • To encourage investment in relevant projects

LCON:O2 is currently working on the following linked themes:

  • Reducing air pollution in Oxford – by promoting the collection of better data and its dissemination to the public
  • increasing the take-up of electric vehicles powered by renewable sources of electricity
  • establishing the viability of providing charging points, powered from renewable energy sources, for electric cars at Park & Ride schemes
  • reducing traffic in (North) Oxford by supporting the growth of walking, cycling and local facilities

LCON:O2 has evolved from ONCORE (Oxford North Community Renewables) which was set up in 2011 to promote community energy in North Oxford. ONCORE raised funds through community investment to fund installations of solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs of The Cherwell School and St Barnabas School. These installations generate some income for LCON as well as providing a return for investors and cheaper electricity for the schools. ONCORE’s work on solar roofs is now done through the Low Carbon Hub and ONCORE members have now formed LCON:O2.