Public transport and car sharing

Alongside active travel, good public transport will be critical in reducing congestion, improving air quality and cutting carbon emissions across Oxford.

Local bus services

We want all bus services to be attractive to all groups in society. This means buses need to be frequent, modern and affordable, and the bus stops comfortable, sheltered and well-lit. Attractive bus services are part of the transformation of public transport, in preparation for measures to reduce traffic in the centre of Oxford: helping those that are disadvantaged at present, incentivising people to reduce their car usage, and so helping the environment.

In summer 2021 we carried out a survey of local residents to assess the adequacy of local bus services in our area, and to help inform county council plans for bus services. Amongst other findings, responses suggested that more frequent, and more accessible, bus routes would motivate people to use the bus rather than their cars to go to Summertown.  You can download the full report of our survey here.

Car sharing

We’re keen to promote car-sharing services across Oxford – another way to reduce the number of cars on our streets.

Car clubs in Oxford include:

  • Zipcar , which has cars in north Oxford on William Lucy Way and at St Antony’s College) and
  • the Co-wheels Car Club which has cars on Lonsdale Road, Leckford Road, Bevington Road Juxon Street, St John Street in north Oxford.

And in East Oxford, local resident Emily Kerr recently launched a ‘closed loop’ car-sharing scheme using ‘Hiyacar‘, allowing members to borrow someone else’s car. Members pay for borrowing a car, but there are no joining fees.