LCON – our strategy

LCON recently reviewed its strategy in light of the growing climate emergency. LCON’s overall aim has been extended to reflect an ambition to contribute to tackling climate change beyond North Oxford: “that North Oxford contribute to ambitious CO2 reductions by 2030 including a zero-carbon Oxford”.

We hope to contribute to substantial carbon emission reductions by 2030 through:

  • collaborating with community groups across Oxford,
  • engaging with the city and county councils and other organisations, and
  • helping individuals to maximise leverage, as we move from individual to societal change.

Following our September AGM, our 2022 priorities are home energy and retrofit; greener travel; fashion, schools and young people; and development and economics. We will continue to work closely with other groups and organisations across Oxford as part of the Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford. And we continue to run our regular Climate Cafes. You can read our strategy here.