Transport (not including air travel) is responsible for 23% of the average person’s carbon footprint. Car travel causes air pollution and congestion, and makes our roads less safe and pleasant.

We want to help people in our area reduce the carbon footprint of their travel, reduce air pollution and make our streets safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists.

Our recent and current activities include:

Healthy Streets and Active Travel: We work mainly through the Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT). We aim to promote a healthy, safe and pleasant environment across Oxford to encourage more cycling and walking. Find out more here.

Making the case for public transport: in summer 2021 we carried out a survey of local residents to assess the adequacy of local bus services in our area, to help inform county council plans for bus services. Find out more here

In 2022 LCON helped form Oxon4Buses (O4B), an informal association of users of bus services in Oxfordshire.  Our members are representatives of a wide variety of groups in the County and City, including parish representatives, who all have an interest in improving and promoting bus services. We aim to represent a wide range of views from people who do or might use buses. Find out more here.

Car sharing: We’re keen to promote car-sharing services across Oxford – find out more here.

Sustainable holidays and flying: we have started work to raise awareness of the environmental impact of flying, promote alternative forms of travel, and help us all explore our travel options. Find out more here.

You can access a range of background information on transport (including different Oxfordshire strategies and reports) here.

Walton Street in Jericho – one centre of our thriving North Oxford community