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Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford is a collective of local environmental groups in Oxford. We work with residents and local organisations to reduce carbon emissions and and build green and thriving communities.

Energy Saving Homes during Oxford Open Doors 9/10 September 2023

This September, come and see what homes that are ‘fit for the future’ can look like.  Energy Saving Homes is back in partnership with Oxford Preservation Trust, Oxford’s very own heritage charity. Visit an Energy Saving Home during the much-loved annual Oxford Open Doors and find out how to make your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer, a healthier place to live and maybe even cheaper to run.

Energy Saving Homes are a bit different from the traditional Oxford Open Doors locations. They are lived in by ordinary people who are cutting energy costs and addressing climate change by undertaking small and large renovation projects in their homes – such as wall and loft insulation, solar panels and battery storage, heat pumps, double and triple glazing – and cheaper, simple measures like draught-proofing. In an Energy Saving Home, you can listen to your host explain how they navigated the often-confusing landscape of eco-renovation, what went well and what was difficult, what they learned, and what further steps they are planning to take.  Measures to suit a range of budgets will be on display.

For homeowners, landlords and tenants interested in adopting energy saving measures, visiting an Energy Saving Home provides an ideal opportunity not only to see what a home fit for the future is like, but also to speak directly to the people who live in it and ask your questions.

Energy Saving Homes will be listed on the Energy Saving Homes website.

Energy Saving Homes is organised by Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford, a collective of community groups in Oxford working to take practical steps to address climate change, in partnership with Oxford Preservation Trust. This year’s events are funded by the Low Carbon Hub.

We are delighted once again to be working with Energy Saving Homes to showcase the amazing projects being undertaken by homeowners in Oxford to retrofit their homes to address the climate change emergency and to cut the costs of running their homes.  We do hope you will take the opportunity to visit the homes that will be open as part of the Oxford Open Doors weekend”.

Stephen Dawson – Operations Director – Oxford Preservation Trust

 The project will build on the experience and lessons of last year’s events which attracted around 200 visitors – feedback showed that (of those who responded) most visitors (94%) enjoyed the experience; 95% of visitors who responded on the day said they were likely to or would definitely take action to reduce their home energy consumption as a result of their visit; and two-thirds responded similarly to a follow-up survey. This year, we hope to spread the word to include more visitors and homes – more news soon!

Energy Saving Homes 2022

In 2022 Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford launched Energy Saving Homes, a series of initiatives to help householders save energy and money, and make their homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Energy Saving bite-size films

As part of 2022’s Great Big Green Week, Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford released Energy Saving bite-size films, a series of 2-4 minute films. Funded by the Low Carbon Hub and Oxford City Council, the films are all about how to save energy in your home – with examples from real people.

The films cover the following topics:

Film 1. Low-cost energy saving measures from Oxford residents that cost less than £10. 
Film 2. Insulating your walls, loft and floor 
Film 3. Air source heat pumps 
Film 4. Solar panels and storage 
Film 5. Double or triple glazing and ventilation
Film 6. Help with finance 
Film 7. Opportunities for contractors

Energy Saving Homes – Open Doors and virtual tours

We’re incredibly grateful to all those who opened their homes during September to share their experiences of eco-renovation. For the first time, Energy Saving Homes opened across Oxford during Oxford Open Doors weekend, with four houses attracting around 200 visitors. And during Great Big Green Week, Energy Saving Homes facilitated virtual tours of four Oxford houses, allowing visitors to learn about a range of different eco-renovations, from glazing solutions to solar panels.

Given the success of these events and ongoing demand from residents to find out more about eco-renovation, we intend to run further open homes event, including both in-person visits and regular virtual tours. We hope to have more details soon.

Videos of talks at the Energy Saving Fair now available on our YouTube channel

In June 2022 Energy Saving Homes ran an ‘Energy Saving Fair’ at Oxford’s Town Hall. The fair had everything you need to eco-renovate your home: short’n’snappy talks by experts, stalls with advice and information, contractors, useful handouts including Low Carbon Oxford North’s Housewarming guides and Low Carbon West Oxford’s guide on low-cost energy-saving actions you can take. The talks were all filmed and you can see them now on our YouTube channel:

Taking Stock by Brenda Boardman of Low Carbon Oxford North

 Heat pumps by Geordie Stewart of Cosy Homes Oxfordshire

Energy-efficiency requirements for landlords by Paul Rushworth of Finders Keepers

 The Challenges of Retrofit by Simon Chung of Sow Space

Housewarming by Jane Grindey of Low Carbon Oxford North

 Ultra-low Energy Retrofit Design Case Study by Tony Duffin of Corrie Energy Partners

Low Cost Energy saving measures by Mim Saxl of Low Carbon West Oxford

Other activities

Local elections 2021 – questionnaire for candidates on environmental issues

To help voters compare candidates in the 2021 local elections, we drew up a list of 12 questions covering a variety of environmental issues.

Responses have been published through our Local Elections 2021 page.

Events – 2021 spring workshops

In 2021 we teamed up to host a series of Spring Workshops, designed to help us as individuals and communities take action to combat the climate crisis. Topics included tree care, waste, food and home energy/ retrofit. You can find out more and access recordings and slides of the workshops here.

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