Welcome to Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford

Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford is a collective of local environmental groups in Oxford. We work with residents and local organisations to reduce carbon emissions and and build green and thriving communities.

The March 2020 Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford event explored how communities can work together to combat the climate crisis.

We decided to form Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford because we now face a climate crisis. By working together, we can share resources, reach more people, and engage more effectively with Oxford City and Oxfordshire County councils and other organisations.

Working with our local communities remains fundamental, but now is the time to scale up action to help us all move from individual action to societal change.


Our activities cover a range of environmental and climate change issues. We work closely with our sister organisation the Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT), which leads on transport issues.

Local elections – questionnaire for candidates on environmental issues

To help voters compare candidates in the 2021 local elections, we drew up a list of 12 questions covering a variety of environmental issues.

Responses have been published through our Local Elections 2021 page.

Events – spring workshops

We have teamed up to host a series of Spring Workshops, designed to help us as individuals and communities take action to combat the climate crisis. Topics include tree care, waste, food and home energy/ retrofit. You can find out more here.

Who we are