Calls for poems by XR

Calling all activist poets! Extinction Rebellion Oxford will publish an anthology of poems (planned for the autumn) from people rising up to demand urgent action by local and national governments to halt the deterioration of our planet before it is too late.  Please send your own poems about the climate emergency, the urgent need for radical measures across the world, and the transnational campaigns to put them in place, to: by 15 September 2019.

Poems should be:

your own work, but collaborative poems are fine;

in any poetic style and form, and in any variety of English; if you write in another language, please get in touch;

the shorter the better, no longer than 40 lines including title;

not more than two; multiple submissions will be culled;

by people who are active, in whatever way, in the struggle; from anywhere in the world.

When you send your poem/s:

please tell us your name and campaigning group, for example: Jane Doe, School Strike, Stockport

if you are under 18, please say so, and please make sure you have the consent of your parents or guardian for possible publication;

send an attached file in Word (.doc) format to  don’t send any other details at this stage

Your poem/s will go to a small panel for selection, and that will be completed soon after the deadline – *15 September 2019*.