LCON Open Meeting – July 25th

    LCON would like to meet you!

Like any voluntary group LCON depends on people getting involved as volunteers.  And we’d like to find some more of you, who might like to move on from simply reading this newsletter to playing a more active part in greening North Oxford and cutting our carbon emissions. So we’re inviting you to come and hear about what we do and how you could be involved.

We are holding a special open meeting on Wednesday 25 July at the North Oxford Association community centre in Diamond Place, Summertown 7.30pm – 9pm.  We welcome anyone with a desire to get involved and ideas for what could be done in this area.  We’ll have time set aside to talk about what we are doing with local people on plastics, and we’ll discuss other issues such as air pollution, energy efficiency and whatever else you’d like to raise.

We know North Oxford has plenty of people with ideas and enthusiasm – we’d like to use some of that to make lasting change. Please do join us on the 25th.

Climate Justice – action in North Oxford

Low Carbon Oxford North is supporting a new (July 2018) initiative by the FairPlay Network to encourage people in North Oxford to engage with ‘climate justice’ issues. Evidence from around the world shows that it is the poor and vulnerable who suffer the most from a changing climate. This is also making existing inequalities worse since those with least resources often lack resilience in crisis situations.  FairPlay’s work shows that there is plenty that we can do in richer nations to help tackle these problems.

Find out more about FairPlay here