Help care for our trees – our ‘Mulching Morning’

In recent months LCON has planted 400 trees and shrubs in Cutteslowe Park – many thanks to those of you who’ve come along and helped.

New trees need a little help. On Saturday 6 April from 10.30 am we held a ‘Mulching morning’ at at the Community Woodland in Cutteslowe Park.  A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil, usually a mixture of leaf mould and compost. This helps conserve water in the soil (important if it’s a hot summer) and also improves the health of the soil and reduces weed growth.

Tree planting matters – the Government’s Committee on Climate Change talk about the need for the rate of tree planting to double by 2020. But looking after newly planted trees is also important.

Thanks to all those who came along to help in this fun and important activity. There will be more work on trees this autumn.