“Forget fast fashion – buy second hand”

Students from the Cherwell, Oxford High School and St Clare’s arrive at the Natural History Museum for their photo shoot

On the same day as the COP26 rally, north Oxford school students sent their own message: climate action can be fun!

Armed with 20 bags of second hand clothes from Oxfam, the 18 students from Cherwell, Oxford High School and St Clare’s designed and upcycled new outfits before heading to Oxford’s Natural History Museum for their fashion photo shoot. They have now produced some amazing posters to spread awareness of sustainable fashion among their peers and beyond – here are some of them:

Thank you to LCON member and sustainability educator Kim Polgreen, Jeni Williams, the teachers and staff at the schools, staff at Oxfam and the Natural History Museum, for making this happen – and most of all, thank you to the students for their passion, positivity and enthusiasm!

Here is what the Oxford Mail had to say about the project.

If you want to find out more about the impact of fast fashion and what we can do about it, have a look at our collection of information and resources here.