Oxford 2040: free film screening, panel discussion and LCON Annual General Meeting

The Covid-19 crisis has led to much reflection on what we value and has given us a unique opportunity to ‘build back better’. Can changes in the food we eat, the energy we use, the way we travel and the way we save and spend money, help in addressing Oxford’s deep inequalities while steering us towards a low carbon future? 

Now, more than ever, we need to hear positive voices in the ecological crisis. Join us to discuss the film 2040, director Damon Gameau’s ‘exercise in fact-based dreaming’. Using only the solutions that are available to us today, Damon envisions a positive future for our children and planet. He argues that we must address structural inequalities to progress towards the low-carbon future we need. At our meeting on 15 September we will be asking a panel of experts to help us picture what a more equal, fairer, less polluting Oxford could look like in 2040.

You can watch the film any time between 7 September and 15 September. It takes a solutions-based approach to how we can, using the technology we already have, mitigate the enormous global issues we currently face. It’s a story of hope, and a powerful prompt for us to imagine a different and better future. You can watch the trailer here

The panel discussion will focus on how changes in our attitudes towards food, energy, travel and money could help us make the steps we need to take to ensure a positive 2040 for Oxford.

You will be sent a link via email to watch the film at a time of your choosing between 19.00 BST on 7 September and 19.00 on 15 September. Watch the film and then join our panel in imagining another Oxford. The panel discussion starts at 19.00 BST on 15 September.

Booking is essential. Tickets from Eventbrite here.

The Annual General Meeting will take place at 20.30-21.00 on 15 September, after the panel discussion concludes. The agenda, with links to other documents, is here. The Eventbrite booking includes the AGM. If you don’t wish to watch the film, please email us to request the Zoom link for the meeting only. If you are an LCON member but cannot attend the meeting, please consider completing the proxy form.