Low-carbon travel stories

It’s often said that one of the toughest nuts to crack in the move to a low-carbon life is reducing air travel. After all, we all work hard and we need our holidays – and camping in Devon is all very well but sometimes we want to get away to a warm country! And when a flight to the Caribbean and back adds 2 tonnes to our individual carbon footprint – or a sixth of the average individual footprint for the UK – cutting down on flying really makes a difference. But how can we do this? Isn’t it difficult, time-consuming and expensive to use other ways of getting to our holiday destinations?

LCON members have begun to share their experiences of low-carbon travel, to help us all find ways of cutting down flying and still have great holidays. Can you add to them? If you have experiences of holidays without flying, we’d love to have them. Please email them to info@lcon.org.uk using this template.

Lucy’s family trip to Switzerland- a transport lover’s treat!

See Caroline’s story of a magical trip to Spain

Caroline’s other story of a family holiday in the west of Ireland

Alison and Andy’s experience of cycling in the Low Countries

Rebecca’s trip to the South of France

There are also a number of internet sites which are useful in planning a lower carbon trip:

The Man in Seat Sixty-One – the train travel guide

Green Traveller – Green Hotels, Family Holidays, Adventure Holidays and Short Breaks by Train