What’s the harm in flying? Upcoming webinar

What is the true contribution of flying to climate change? How does flying affect my personal carbon footprint? Why do people currently fly and where do they go? If we have to cut back, how can we do this fairly? How has the pandemic affected flying emissions? And what are the prospects for low-carbon flights?

At a time when the government is pinning its hopes for the future of aviation on new technology, these questions are more pressing than ever. Our upcoming webinar explores the environmental realities of flying alongside its psychological appeal and emotional power. Flying, after all, fulfils aspirations, facilitates cultural exchange and brings families and friends together. So what is the harm? 

Join our free webinar on 19 November, 7.30 – 9pm (note this is a slightly later time than advertised previously). We are delighted to welcome Dr Sally Cairns from the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, and our trustee Rebecca Nestor.

The webinar will take place via zoom. Find out more and register here