LCON responds to the Oxford North proposal

LCON has submitted our objection to the controversial Oxford North development. You can download it here.

In summary we covered:

Energy efficiency and energy supply

We want to see this site (if it goes ahead) pioneering a zero-emission future in energy use in buildings and in transport.  We have strongly objected to the idea that solar PV might be installed ‘subject to roof design’.  Roofs should be designed so that they are suitable for PV panels!

Roads and transport

We have strongly objected to road layout plans. There are no safe and attractive routes into and out of the site for people who walk and cycle. Air quality legislation dictates that no development is permitted to make air quality worse within problem areas, yet this development with its predicted extra car movements will make it worse.

Employment and housing

One of the main reasons for allowing this part of the Green Belt to be built on was ‘poor housing affordability in Oxford and ….. backlog of housing needs’. We have thus objected to the lack of provision of affordable housing, particularly social rented housing.