Transport is a crucial area to address as it is responsible for 24% of the average person’s carbon footprint. 37% of all carbon emissions across Oxfordshire are from transport – this is well above the national average. We are working on activities that aim to help people in our area reduce their carbon footprint of their travel.

  • Healthy Streets and Active Travel
    LCON are supporting the new Oxfordshire Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT). This is an informal group concerned about the poor air quality in the main towns of Oxfordshire, particularly Oxford. The aims for Oxfordshire are that we have:

    • Healthy and thriving communities as a result of a continual and measurable shift towards:
    • more efficient, safe, active and sustainable low-carbon travel;
    • a reduction in traffic, pollution and noise to create more attractive, accessible and people-friendly streets where everybody can enjoy spending time.
  • Car clubs – LCON has teamed up with E-Car to launch an electric car club based in Summertown. The car, a Renault Zoe, is situated in the Diamond Place car park, where it has a dedicated charging point. Two other Ecars can be hired at Europcar, Little Mead Business Park, Ferry Hinksey Road, Oxford OX2 OBY There is a one-off joining of £50 and then you can hire the cars for just £6.50/hr. Find out how to join here and if you are an LCON member use the code OXECAR114 to get 50% off the lifetime membership fee.
  • Cycling in Oxford

    Cycling offers an obvious zero carbon approach to travel, and we are fortunate in Oxford to have an active local group, Cyclox, which promotes the interests of cyclists. Their aims include promoting the profile of cycling in Oxford and improving infrastructure. If this is an area of interest to you, keep an eye on their website, and in the LCON newsletter, for upcoming events.

  • One problem for cycling in Oxford is safety, Following the death of Claudia Comberti in a cycling accident in 2016, activists have developed the ‘Claudia Charter’ which sets out measures for improving safety and the make Oxford the leading cycling city that it should be. 
  •  Those who cycle regularly around Oxford will probably have noticed an increase in the number of potholes- some of which are large enough to be hazardous to cyclists. Please consider reporting any which you have to cycle around using the OCC online tool. Your fellow cyclists will thank you- and you may even encourage more people to make their journeys by bike rather than by car!
  • Promoting sustainable transport – we link with other groups in Oxford to support campaigns for more cycling and walking and improved public transport.
  • Sustainable holidays – we have a page of stories and resources about our own experiences of low-carbon travel. Read and be inspired!

Transport facts

The average person’s annual carbon footprint in the UK is 12.5 tonnes and 24% of this is due to transport.

Car travel
Cars account for 39% of the carbon footprint of our travel. They are responsible for 10% of CO2 emissions, and 20% of the emissions we can control. Each car contributes 2.6 tonnes a year to the atmosphere.

Air travel
The elephant in the room is air travel. 58% of the carbon footprint of travel is due to air travel, and while the carbon footprint of cars and our household energy is going down, the footprint of air travel is increasing. This must be a high priority for us to address.

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