COHSAT – What can I / we do to help?

If you, like us, are worried about the quality of the air you and your family are breathing, the inadequacy of local public transport, and the safety of your active travel, whether on foot or by bike, then please join us to ACT.

Getting healthier streets and attractive urban areas depends on all of us letting our politicians and decision-makers know that it is important to us.

The coalition does not have its own social media sites, but many of the constituent members do have – please follow them and contribute.

Air Pollution: there are several groups campaigning on clean air across Oxfordshire. Oxford Friends of the Earth is promoting the Oxfordshire Clean Air Charter and is developing a network of ‘Clean Air Schools’ – teachers, students, parents and governors are all welcome to get involved. The Oxfordshire Clean Air Action Network is a good way to stay in touch with local action.

Cycling: Cyclox organises a wide range of activities including meetings and rides.

Pedestrians: Oxford Pedestrians Association promote better conditions for those walking in the city.

Liveable Streets: Oxfordshire Livable Streets is an organisation working to promote a safe and liveable streetscape and travel environment in Oxfordshire and to develop and see the realisation of a blueprint for a better transport environment in Oxfordshire.