Let’s cut our plastics

Low Carbon Oxford North invite you to help North Oxford make a difference!

We’re aiming to make a real and lasting cut in how much plastic we all use.
Will you join us?

We’re looking for people and households who want to make some change. You’ll be aware of the problems of single-use and non-recyclable plastics. Many shops and cafes are talking about cutting their waste. Plastic carrier bag use has already fallen in the UK by 85%.

But there’s a whole lot more to be done, and we – as the people buying plastic bottles, plastic-wrapped goods and so much more – also need to make some changes.

Where do we start? We’ve got 10 ‘challenges’ – actions that most people can take now or over a month. You may be doing some of them already. You can see them and download a copy here.

We invite you to choose some of these actions and start to cut that plastic!  You may want to discuss this with other members of your family or household – you could encourage everyone to make at least one commitment. It may help to print the checklist and stick it somewhere obvious to remind people.

There is a more detailed leaflet (full colour, 2 sided) that covers the programme in more detail.

Ready to take part?

If you are set to cut your plastic let us know:

We’ll keep you posted occasionally with some ideas. We’ll invite you to join us (if you wish) for a informal meet-up when we can share ideas and what we’ve done and we’ll do our best to answer questions. Email us at any time if you need advice.

We will supply you with ideas and guidance.

Going completely ‘plastic-free’ is a real challenge but there’s a great deal that we can all do to cut our use of single-use plastics by half or more over a month. Here’s some more thoughts and ideas:

• Recycling the plastic we use is also very important. We have developed a simple guide to the common plastics and how or if that can be recycled – it’s here (available shortly)
• Surfers Against Sewage are very active on tackling plastic waste – there’s lots of useful information here
• Friends of the Earth are running a Plastic Free Fridays programme – with lots of useful tips and ideas.
• Other groups are active on cutting plastics in Oxford – find out more at the Oxford Plastics Action Facebook page.