Getting involved

We are always interested to hear from people who would like to reduce their carbon footprint or who have ideas for our work.

Looking to reduce your personal or family carbon emissions? Browse this website or contact us for more personalised information: 

Join our ‘lifestyle project’ to get support in reducing your footprint by cutting your plastic use

For a range of ideas on how to save energy in the home, visit our page on taking energy saving measuresDuring the winter we usually borrow a thermal camera and use it to help residents see where their homes are losing heat. We’ll provide updates and information through our newsletter and website.

If you are interested in reducing your travel footprint, our transport page may help: we have information on cycling and on Oxford’s first electric car club, which we helped to set up here.

Looking to meet other like-minded people? Come to one of our public meetings, with expert speakers, low-carbon refreshments and an opportunity to chat. Sign up to hear about our meetings.

Interested in campaigning or lobbying on climate change? Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, or head over to our Facebook page, where we share information on local and national campaigns.

Would you like to help fund our work? You can donate to us here.

Join a working group. We usually have small groups working on particular subjects like transport or food. LCON:O2 has regular meetings and we welcome new members. Contact us for more information.

Become a trustee. Our board meetings take place once a month at 17.00. You can come along to observe our meetings, or have a chat with one of us, before deciding. See the information about existing trustees.

You can get involved with LCON as a Member or a Supporter. More information here, or just go to the sign-up page.