About us

What do we do?

Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON) is a charity set up in 2010 by local residents to support ambitious CO2 cuts through local action. We work with our community, offering practical ideas, information and activities, to help combat the climate crisis. LCON’s aim is to contribute to ambitious CO2 reductions by 2030 including a zero-carbon Oxford.

In this short film we describe the activities we carried out in our first ten years, reflect on where we need to go next, and share our hopes for a future Oxford.

You can find out more about current activities and plans by visiting our Taking action page.  Our 2020 Strategy provides the overall framework for our current activities. You can find summaries of our past activities in our annual reports and accounts and minutes of our annual general meetings. And see LCON – the story so far for a brief history.

Find out more and get involved

LCON produces a monthly newsletter for members and supporters and we have a Facebook page and are active on Twitter.

We welcome people who would like to work with us on our projects and campaigns – see Getting involved.

LCON’s governance

A board of trustees made up of elected and coopted members manage LCON’s work. We are always keen to hear from people who would like to help develop our work. Find out more about our current trustees here. If you would like to know more about the Board, email us.

LCON is a registered charity and like many other charities, it is also a company limited by guarantee. The Board members are charity trustees and company directors. This type of company has members but no shareholders.

Our Objects are to conserve, improve and protect the physical and natural environment for the public benefit by promoting:

  • the prudent use and sharing of resources;
  • reduction of waste through re-use, reclamation, recycling, use of recycled products and use of surplus;
  • reduction in the consumption of fossil based fuels;
  • the use of low carbon means of transport;
  • reduction of carbon emissions from the growing, transporting, purchasing and preparing of food

with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of North Oxford by 80% by the year 2050.

In addition, we aim to advance the education of the public in the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote the study and research in such subjects and dissemination of the results of such research and study to the public.

LCON’s Memorandum and Articles of Association set out the structure and aims of the group.

Our charity number is 1142169. Our registered address is 36 Stratfield Road, Oxford OX2 7BQ.

Low Carbon Oxford North is a company limited by guarantee registered in England. Company number:  07542380. Charity registration number:  1142169

You can read our policy on equality and climate justice here. View our Privacy Policy here.

LCON is a member of Oxfordshire’s Community Action Group network and the Low Carbon Hub CIC (Community Interest Company). 

LCON is a member of Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action