Housewarming – get ready for our new line-up of events starting this autumn

Investing in our homes to make them more energy efficient can help lower carbon emissions, future-proof them against climate change, and make them more comfortable to live in, both in summer heat and winter cold.

To help navigate the overwhelming amount of information and build greater understanding of the options available, we launched our Housewarming programme in 2022. We are now offering an exciting new programme of events for 2024-25:

  • Saturday 2 November 2024: Heat pumps – drop-in exhibition and surgery with an expert
  • January – February 2025: Housewarming meetings
  • January – February 2025: Thermal Imaging cameras and support
  • March 2025: Home renewables – drop-in exhibition and surgery with an expert

Details below.

Saturday 2 November 2024, 10.30am – 2.30pm: Heat pumps

Drop-in exhibition and surgery with an expert, the Annexe, North Oxford Association Community Centre

We kick off our 2024-25 Housewarming programme with a drop-in exhibition and surgery event on heat pumps on Saturday 2 November. There will be a display on the basics of heat pumps and expert Tony Duffin (co-author of our Housewarming Guides) will be on hand to answer your specific questions. Other members of the Housewarming team will also be present to share their experience of installing and living with heat pumps. If you have been wondering whether heat pumps could work for you, make a note in your diary of this event. We will circulate details on how to book a 1:1 session with Tony in our September newsletter (you can sign up here to receive it).

January – February 2025: Housewarming meetings

We will deliver our third round of Housewarming meetings over January – February 2025 (most likely six events taking place weekly). These are warm and welcoming events and build knowledge step by step, covering all the main topics for retrofitting your home.  We have supported over 70 householders at one or more meetings at our previous rounds of Housewarming and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive (see below for some of the comments we have received). If you are interested in attending, contact the Housewarming Coordinator ( to express interest. 

January – February 2025: thermal imaging camera support

Concurrent with the Housewarming meetings, in those cold months of the year, we will be offering access to and guidance on thermal imaging cameras for anyone who would like some support (and motivation) looking for those draughts and cold spots in their home. Thermal imaging is often used as a first step in identifying where a home needs improvement and can be the beginning of a retrofit plan which ultimately delivers a more energy efficient home.

March 2025: Home renewables – drop-in exhibition and surgery

As we welcome in spring 2025, we will run a second drop-in exhibition/surgery event on home renewables in March. We hope to encourage people with suitable roofs to invest in generating their own energy which will reward them for years to come. 

If you have any comments or questions about our Housewarming Programme, please drop a line to our Housewarming Coordinator Philippa, (

This is what some of our previous Housewarming participants have said:

“The programme gave a very helpful introduction and overview of how to approach the retrofitting of a home.  The presenters were excellent and approachable and always willing to help.  Their willingness to source information between sessions and provide access to things like heat sensing cameras was very much appreciated.”
“Honest and accurate information delivered in a friendly environment.”
“Thank you for your time and dedication.  Attending the Housewarming classes was very valuable and informative.  In particular, it was enormously helpful to hear from you and others who have either “started the journey” or had completed an entire project. “