Oxford Car Free Challenge launches

Next month sees the start of the Oxford Car Free Challenge. Twelve residents from across the city who regularly drive will be ditching their car keys for three weeks, to try alternative ways of getting around. The participants will have support from LCON’s project officers who can advise on journey planning, cycle and scooter hire, bus apps and much more. How will it work? What do we hope to get out of the project? Find out below.


The project aims to understand both the barriers to travelling sustainably in Oxford and the benefits, and to find out what types of support can be most helpful for those who want to reduce their car use.

How it will work

Participants will log their journeys and record their experiences throughout the trial, including a week of travelling as usual before they start. They are then asked to prioritise more sustainable options using a ’sustainable travel hierarchy’. This may include occasional use of a car club or taxi, which can make living without your own car, or without a second car, more feasible. 

The next phase – using the findings to help more people

The project will produce participant case studies and a report, before moving into a second phase, in which we hope to build on the findings, to support more residents in using car free options.

Organisations involved in the Car Free Challenge

The Car Free Challenge is run by the climate charity Possible in partnership with LCON and the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST). A previous Going Car Free challenge was run by Possible in four UK cities in 2022, and the project is now been brought to Oxford, thanks to funding from the Foundation for Integrated Transport, Oxfordshire County Council’s Councillor Priority Fund and many Oxford residents. We are grateful to businesses and organisations that are supporting the Challenge, including Bainton Bikes, Co Wheels, Laka Bike Insurance, Pedal & Post, Voi and Oxfordshire County Council’s road safety team. 

More news soon!