Energy Saving Homes is back!

**Update November 2023: Following the successful Oxford Open Doors events, Energy Saving Homes will be running further tours of open homes, both in-person and virtual:

  • 4 and 5 November;
  • 2 and 3 December.

Details are on the Energy Saving Homes website. **

This September, Energy Saving Homes is back in partnership with Oxford Preservation Trust. Visit an Energy Saving Home during the much-loved annual Oxford Open Doors. Find out how to make your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer, a healthier place to live and maybe even cheaper to run!

Energy Saving Homes are a bit different from the traditional Oxford Open Doors locations: they show how ordinary people have cut energy costs in their homes, through small, cheap measures, and through larger renovation projects – from draught proofing to wall and loft insulation, solar panels and battery storage, heat pumps, and double and triple glazing.

This is a chance to hear from householders how they navigated the often-confusing landscape of eco-renovation. Find out what went well and what was difficult, what they learned, and what further steps they are planning to take.  You will be able to speak directly to them and ask your questions.

Details are on the Energy Saving Homes website.

We are delighted once again to be working with Energy Saving Homes to showcase the amazing projects being undertaken by homeowners in Oxford to retrofit their homes to address the climate change emergency and to cut the costs of running their homes.  We do hope you will take the opportunity to visit the homes that will be open as part of the Oxford Open Doors weekend”.

Stephen Dawson – Operations Director – Oxford Preservation Trust

Could you open your home?  
20 homeowners have already agreed to take part in Energy Saving Homes this year. If you think you might like to join them and would like to find out more about opening your home, please contact Project Coordinator Karen, email

Energy Saving Homes is organised by Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford, a collective of community groups in Oxford working to take practical steps to address climate change, in partnership with Oxford Preservation Trust. This year’s events are funded by the Low Carbon Hub.