NEW! Housewarming Guide 7 on Electricity, Appliances and Home Renewables

We are excited to launch our seventh Housewarming Guide: Electricity, Appliances and Home Renewables.

Our first six Housewarming Guides focused on how to reduce heat loss and how best to heat your home to achieve the lowest carbon emissions and costs. This guide focuses on saving money and reducing carbon emissions from electricity use. Find out how you can:

  • use electricity more efficiently in your electrical appliances; and
  • generate electricity at home through renewable sources.

The guide looks at different kinds of appliances, electricity tariffs, solar PV and solar thermal, how to manage variable electricity output, and more.

You can download Housewarming Guide 7, as well as our other Housewarming guides, on our Housewarming web page.

What is Housewarming?

LCON has produced a series of Housewarming Guides to support people who want to improve their homes. These guides, prepared by independent experts, walk through the options, considering key questions for each stage of any plans to ensure they will work for you and your home.  

Alongside the Guides, we have set up an engagement and support network with local residents to facilitate mentoring, best practice sharing and regular informal support and encouragement.

Find out more on our Housewarming web page.