Take action for sustainable fashion

Fast Fashion is harming the planet

The fashion industry accounts for:

  • 20% of industrial water pollution
  • up to 35% of ocean micro plastics
  • 4% of global fresh water use
  • 4-8% of global carbon emissions

Three out of five items of clothing end up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being produced. Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned.

We can all buy less, repair more and buy second-hand. And we can call for change across the fashion industry.

Write to your favourite Oxford shops to demand better

As part of Great Big Green Week, Low Carbon Oxford North have compiled a directory of Oxford shops that score poorly on sustainability and ethical ratings (based on rating website Good On You), together with contact details and a template email and social media message.

Find out more about the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion and email or message your favourite Oxford brands to demand better:

  • Find out more about sustainable fashion here including its impacts and what we can do about it.
  • Download the list of Oxford shops, sustainability ratings, and contact details (email, instagram, twitter), here.
  • Email or message your favourite shops to demand better, using the templates below or any message you choose. If you can, please share your email or message, as well as any experiences, replies, suggestions or questions – we would love to hear from you! Email julia.patrick@lcon.org.uk. Twitter: @LowCON. Instagram: lowcarbonoxfordnorth .

Suggested email message

(with thanks to fashionrevolution.org and thehungersite.greatergood.com)

To the CEO of [company]

I am your customer, and I love your style.

However, I am concerned about the working conditions in your global supply chain and the environmental impact of fast fashion.

The world needs the fashion industry to commit to higher standards, and every company should be transparent about how their goods are produced.

We demand that you ask your suppliers to raise their standards for waste, chemical use, and employee treatment and cease to purchase products from suppliers who refuse to comply with those standards.

In support of Goal 1 of the Tamil Nadu Declaration and Framework of Action, research conducted by Fashion Revolution has found that only 1 of 62 major brands and retailers publish a full list of the suppliers that produce the textiles used in their clothes.

Please publish a list of all the textile production facilities in your supply chain. This is a vital first step to take accountability for the working conditions of the people who make your products.




Suggested instagram or twitter message

I’m [name] and I am your customer. We need higher standards in the fashion industry – will you do better? #WhoMadeMyClothes? #WhatsInMyClothes?  #SustainableFashion

Find out more about sustainable fashion

You can find out more about sustainable fashion and actions you can take on our Sustainable Fashion home page.

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