Sustainable fashion – time for more action!

Many of you will remember our Sustainable Fashion webinar last summer, with Kim Polgreen (Sustainability Educator) and Stephen Cawley (former Head of Sustainability at John Lewis). 

We’re launching an information campaign on Sustainable Fashion

There was so much interest in both the live event and subsequent video that we’ve decided to launch an information campaign: we want to continue our discussion of the environmental impacts of the clothing sector – and what we can do about it.

This is “a moment in time” to re-think our approach to clothes: the fashion industry is already in upheaval due to Covid19, and both working and shopping habits have evolved. People are increasingly interested in what fashion brands are doing to minimise their environmental and human rights impacts.

Each month, we will look at one particular aspect of sustainable fashion, focusing on how we can all – as individuals and consumers, and as a community – make a difference. Much of this starts with being more conscious, taking the time to find things out and think about our decisions. We hope our campaign will help with this. We hope to cover both local and virtual solutions; resources and shops in our community as well as online platforms to help us take a more sustainable approach to fashion.

Find out more by reading the articles we have published so far:

Get in touch

And please get in touch! We would love to share suggestions, tips and experiences of LCON members. Do you have a favourite second-hand shop? Have you recently discovered a forgotten item of clothing? Do you enjoy wearing the same clothes again and again? How has your attitude to clothes changed over the last year?  In the coming months we will cover further topics like what to do with unwanted clothes, repair and upcyling. Again please get in touch if you have stories or information to share. Contact