Oxfordshire organisations

Community Action Groups (CAGs)
An overview of the community action groups working to cut carbon in Oxfordshire.

Climate Xchange
An initiative run by the Environmental Change Institute to engage young people in climate change issues.

Climate Outreach and Information Network
Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) is an Oxford based charity that works to directly engage the public about climate change.

Low carbon groups in Oxford

Low Carbon West Oxford

Low Carbon Headington

Low Carbon East Oxford

Low Carbon Wolvercote

A sustainable local food project run by LCON’s very own Dan Betterton.

Supporters of Low Carbon Oxford North

Oxfordshire City Council climate change pages
Oxford City Council is coordinating the Low Carbon Oxford project that Low Carbon Oxford North is a part of.

Department of Energy and Climate Change
DECC is supporting a number of community groups in Oxford including LCON as part of the Low Carbon Oxford project.

Useful tools

An excellent way to track your energy use in the home and see how your carbon reduction compares to others.

A free energy and carbon monitoring calculator for businesses.

Renewable Energy

Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust

Oxford City Council Planning Service
For information and advice on planning installation of renewable energy.

Planning Aid
A free advice service for householders.

Planning portal
For information about planning and building regulations.

Food groups in Oxford

Oxford based, U.K wide wild-food and medicinal plant information, publications and foraging courses.
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