Green investments

For those who are concerned about the impact of industrial processes on our climate, the issue of where to invest money is also an important consideration. Many of our pension plans and savings accounts invest heavily in fossil fuel related industries. If you are concerned about indirectly supporting carbon emitting companies, there are other options.

Two recent local schemes show that savers can get a return and support green projects at the same time. Share offers from both Oxford North Community Renewables, putting solar panels on local schools, and Osney Lock Hydro, putting a turbine into the Thames, were both oversubscribed. What’s more, the majority of shareholders lived within a mile of these projects. Now the Low Carbon Hub is inviting schools and businesses across the County to do the same.

On a national level, there are a number of services offering ethical and ecological investment opportunities:

  • Ethex are an Oxford-based company who help people to invest positively – that is to actively put your money into businesses whose mission and impacts you support, and that also offer a financial return

Two other companies specifically invest in ethical and sustainable energy projects:

Alternatively if you want a savings account, you could move your cash to an ethical bank or building society:


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