Energy efficiency

Since carrying out our annual thermal imaging program, and as a result of our meetings with supporters, we have been regularly asked for advice and recommendations on improving domestic energy efficiency in order to lower your carbon footprint. We have now created a new service: Oxon:EEK, which is a web forum with case studies and suggestions from local residents. The site is in its early stages, but we need your feedback, as well as any interesting accounts of energy saving work which you have carried out. If you have changed your windows, upgraded your boiler, insulated a wall or floor, would you tell us about it? If you have a happy story or a cautionary tale, we’d like to hear! Please contact Lucy Dickinson, or add your comments directly to the site at Oxon:EEK.

One LCON member, Caroline Mason, has kindly agreed to share a fascinating review which she has written about the process she went through in designing and implementing a major refurbishment of a property in Lonsdale Road, North Oxford. It outlines the issues involved and how she decided on which course of action to take – there are so often trade-offs in an old property. She supervised the conversion and so learnt a lot about the practicalities of construction. Monitoring is continuing to see how the home and its occupants are consuming energy in reality. The house is now super energy-efficient and is rented out to a family.

LCON has run a couple of workshops on retrofitting homes with energy efficient measures. Slides from the recent talks by Russell Smith of Parity Projects are available along with those from Paul Jennings from Aldas.

LCON committee members have carried out thermal imaging surveys of North Oxford homes by request for the past three winters. These documents contain details and interpretation of typical images as well as suggested DIY measures.

If you are interested in other sources of information and inspiration, the Low Energy Buildings website offers a repository of low-energy building information created to help inform the planning and development of low energy new build and refurbishment.

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