Energy and climate change

Work on energy is central to our aims. If we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change it is essential that we make big changes to how we use and produce energy. This is not just about how we generate electricity and heat our homes and workplaces – it’s also about how we travel and produce goods and food. See the separate sections on Transport and Food for information on those topics.

Our work on energy relates to ‘powering up’ – producing energy from clean sources and ‘powering down’ – saving energy and increasing energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy

We have developed with ONCORE two solar power projects on local schools. O2 is now looking at new projects. We cooperate closely with and are members of Oxford’s innovative Low Carbon Hub that has developed over 30 community-owned renewable energy projects.

Buying clean energythe Oxford Big Clean Switch

A key part of promoting renewable energy is increasing demand for it. We have set up the Oxford Big Clean Switch as a way to encourage more people across Oxfordshire to buy their electricity from companies that offer 100% renewable electricity tariffs. We run this with six other Oxford organisations. There’s more  about this here, including information on cost savings, how it works and the sources of energy. Most people in Oxfordshire who have switched suppliers have saved over £200 a year.

If you’re ready to switch you can go to straight the Oxford Big Clean Switch.

Energy Efficiency

LCON has always focused on improving domestic energy efficiency – a key way for anyone to lower their carbon footprint. For a range of ideas on how to save energy in the home, visit our our page on taking energy saving measuresDuring the winter we usually borrow a thermal camera and use it to help residents see where their homes are losing heat. We’ll be looking at how we can help this winter (2018/19) and will provide updates through our newsletter and website.

Affordable Warmth

Many people have trouble paying their fuel bills. There are plenty of ways for people to save energy, and many of these are low cost or free. Some ideas on where to start on saving energy are here.

There’s more information on affordable warmth,  fuel poverty and where to get advice here.

Climate Change and climate justice

Whilst much of our work is local, we recognise the important links between local and global issues. We are developing work on ‘Climate Justice’ with FairPlay, a network also based in North Oxford. This brings in the ethical and social dimensions to work on climate change and involves a much broader approach. We welcome ideas on how this might be enabled.