Carbon Conversations

Is the future worth a conversation?

Do any of these sound like you?

‘I really want to do something about climate change, but…

  • it’s expensive to get my home insulated
  • We can’t go vegetarian – what would the kids say?
  • I need the car to go and see Mum in hospital
  • Anyway it’s probably too late to stop climate change…’

Would a conversation help?

Carbon Conversations is an inspiring, practical 6-session course that helps make sense of what it takes to live a lower-carbon life. Pioneered by Cambridge Carbon Footprit, it has been run in Oxford since 2010 with great success. It is a programme of six meetings, held in participants’ homes, in which we explore the basic climate change problem and what a low-carbon future might look like, then the key areas of the footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption. Being in a group of 6-8 people allows you to learn from a variety of different perspectives and meet other people interested in reducing their own carbon footprint. Carbon Conversations also acknowledges that reducing our carbon emissions can be difficult for a variety of reasons both practical and personal, and taking part in the course helps us to understand and work through those difficulties.

Most members make reductions of 1 tonne of CO2 during the course and develop plans to halve their footprints over a longer period.

Get involved

Carbon Conversations runs regularly in North Oxford and Headington, and is open to all. To express interest, please email us on or call 07769 916824.