Energy Cafes- looking for more groups and venues

We recently held four Energy Cafes in Summertown and Cutteslowe. Unfortunately, the sessions open to the general public did not prove popular, but a meeting with the pensioners group at Cutteslowe Community Centre was very successful. We talked to 28 pensioners for about an hour and answered their questions about fuel switching, smart meters, carbon monoxide monitors, light bulbs and so forth.

The group meets regularly on Fridays and stay on for a delicious warm lunch. They know there is going to be a talk, but have not chosen specifically to come for that reason. The pensioners took a little time to get engaged in the subject, but by the end, the questions were flying. The lesson seems to be that people do not know they want to talk about energy issues until they are actually doing it. When energy subjects are aired, then they realize they have some queries and get involved. As a result, we want to address more groups in future, particularly those that are going to be meeting anyway, so we are the add-on extra – please contact us if you know of any. The next group is mums and tiny babes, in the hope that the babies will sleep and the mums can listen!

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