Become a Street Champion

Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON) is looking for people to join the growing group of Street Champions who have volunteered to do what they can in early March to encourage other people in their street to cut their carbon.

Becoming a Street Champion is a fantastic way to help LCON cut carbon (and meet some of your neighbours) and you don’t need any special expertise to get involved. It’s all part of our efforts to raise awareness of LCON and engage with our community. We plan to do this street by street in the first two weeks of March – giving people the information they need to take part in one or more of a range of carbon-reducing initiatives that interest and suit them.

On 28 February we will be having a briefing to give people a chance to clarify the role, get some background information about what LCON is offering, raise questions and concerns, and (optionally) practise doorstep conversations.

There will be two identical two-hour briefing meetings, one 4.00-6.00, the other 7.00-9.00. Alternatively, street champions can just drop in at any time between 1.00 and 4.00, or between 6.00 and 7.00, to collect a pack and have a chat with one of us.

Contact Rebecca Nestor at LCON if you are interested in becoming a Street Champion or just want to hear more about the role. Or read more about the role here.

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